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About Us

Our Story

During 2021 Pride Month we realised, as a queer couple,  we were missing a huge part of our life - a queer community. We spent Pride Month obsessively consuming any queer content (yup, TikTok thirst traps included), queer media representation, and pining over the many London-based LGBTQIA+ meet-ups and spaces. We live in a pretty straight town in the Midlands, and just felt like we couldn't be the only lonely queers desperately seeking our people. Couple that with our love of camping and campervans (Elle converts campervans for a living), and it felt like there was only one obvious answer to solve our queer loneliness - set up our own gay af camping events!? So, The Queer Campfire was born. The Summer was coming to an end, but we were so adamant that we wanted to squeeze in a 2021 launch event - so within a few weeks of launching, we'd organised a very gay take-over of a local campsite... incredibly, over 50 lesbian, bisexual, non-binary, trans and queer folks descended on a random field in the middle of the UK. The rest is history! 


After 3 sell-out events around the country, we're so excited to be looking towards event number 4 in 2024 - to keep creating a safer space for queer folks to find their people, while also platforming emerging queer talent! 


We can't wait to see you by the campfire!

Jazz (she/her) & Elle (she/they)

Meet the team

We couldn't run our events without our incredible Volunteer Crew:




Instagram: @thequeercampfire

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